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Top Tips for Bathroom Design

Top Tips for Bathroom Design

Bathroom interior design can seem like a scary prospect. Once you decide on your bathroom design it tends to stick around for a few years, so it’s important to find and choose a style you really love. It’s easy to forget that you spend time in your bathroom every single day! It should be a place of comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation, and ultimately somewhere you like to be.

The thought of designing your bathroom may seem dull, boring or a bit of an afterthought.  Here are some top tips to give your bathroom functional features and eye-catching aesthetic it deserves:

Plan, Plan, Plan

When planning your bathroom designs you need to ask yourself – what are your priorities? If you have an indifference to baths but would love a wet room shower, prioritise your personal preference above having a big bath for the sake of it! Making these decisions is a super practical way to use your space more wisely and personalise your bathroom to you. Another great way to do this is to gather all your information and compile them in a mood board to see how your style will meet your layout.

Statement Tiles

The word statement anything can feel a bit daunting! But if you decide on a neutral finish elsewhere, choosing a strong tile will complement the overall styling of your bathroom. This can be the difference between dull and drab to contemporary chic. Your statement tile doesn’t have to be covering your whole bathroom – why not try a statement wall alongside the shower or an extra accent above the sink.

fletcher design belfast interior designer

Light up, Light up

Having signature lighting in your bathroom is key to changing your space with well, the flick of a switch. You might want to add extra lighting around your mirror for subtle functionality, but there are so many lighting options for bathrooms to choose from. Mood lighting is useful to tone down the bright lights or low-level LEDs can mimic that spa sanctuary feel.

Smarter Storage

There’s little worse than having a stunning bathroom, but nowhere to store the items that belong there! Using some built in storage hacks you can use modern mirrors, beautiful basins and cabinets to conceal your sneaky storage. This also keeps your bathroom’s clean and simple exterior.


caroline fletcher interior design belfast bathroom design tips inspiration


It’s about the T’s for this tip – towels, texture – even taps! Don’t’ be afraid to add different elements to accessorise your bathroom. These can compliment the features that can’t be changed so readily. Adding different textures from greenery or ornaments to brightly coloured towels adds an extra splash of colour to your bathroom at an affordable cost. Fabulous faucets can add a real statement to your bathroom design too!

Here are some of the brands we absolutely adore for some beautiful bathroom inspiration…

Christmas Gifts Guide for Interiors Addicts

Christmas Gifts Guide for Interiors Addicts

It might be nearing the end of November, but if you are like us, you’ll still be running around trying to find last minute gifts for your loved ones. If you are REALLY unlucky, one of your family members (or friends) might be an INTERIORS ADDICT.  Let’s not kid ourselves, aside from fussy parents and/or pernickety partners, interiors fans are probably one of the WORST groups of people to shop for!  They have a SERIOUS eye for detail, a keen sense of style and know the difference between quirky and downright ICKY. 

So we’ve decided to round up our TOP TEN CHRISTMAS GIFTS for those people in your life that are design savvy and require something a little bit special at Christmas.  These items have been sourced from UK retailers, including those local to Northern Ireland, with prices to suit every budget too.



This lamp will be coveted by interiors lovers who have a thing for industrial, urban design due to its exposed bulb.  It’s definitely a more extravagant Christmas purchase at  £86.95. But, its energy efficiency should help save a few pennies in the long run!  Snap it up at Avoca.


99.3 percent of interiors fans can’t get enough of cushions! That’s because they are the secret weapon of Interior Design.  This knitted wool cushion from TK Maxx, in an invigorating green has been keenly priced at £19.99. This will look amazing in a contemporary interior, especially alongside a grey colour palette.


Candles are one of those gifts that are universally embraced by interiors addicts, because they have multiple uses. Be it visual decoration, lighting or scent.  This ‘Urban fig and Olive’ scented candle from Debenhams is an absolute delight.  The hand poured concrete vessel, with geometric design would look right at home in a contemporary interior, AND it’s reusable.  This item has also been reduced from £30.00 to £21.00, win-win!


Interiors lovers are historically touchy-feely people!  They can’t help it!  Texture plays such an important role in any interior design scheme, which is why we have included this amazing (and extremely heavy) slate photo frame from Gray & Willow.  This frame has been reduced from £20.00 to £12.00 and is available at House of Fraser.  This is one of our Budget Friendly picks and we think it would look right at home in ANY style of interior.


 We think you should only consider this chic Espresso Cup & Saucer set, if you have a pretty good idea of the design styles favoured by your ‘interiors addict’!  The design features a block print offset with a hand painted floral design on new bone china (using 1970’s Italian influence).  The colour palette of soft pinks with sumptuous blues and greens, with gold highlights provides a strong style statement, that we think many interiors fans (who also love an Espresso) would gladly welcome into their home.  Pick this up for £40.00 at Oliver Bonas.


We’ve decided to add another scented candle to the mix, as you can’t really have too many scented candles and we have personal experience of these ones!  They smell absolutely beautiful and are hand poured in Ireland.  Bonus points!  Só Soy candles are produced near the infamous Giant’s Causeway and the item pictured can be purchased for £20.00.


For interiors lovers who are fans of art AND the inclusion of nature or animals in their living space, this piece of art is sure to be a BIG HIT.  This (limited edition) textured print has been produced by Northern Irish Artist, Kathryn Callaghan and at £210.00 is definitely a bit of a splurge but for the right person, will be a cherished Christmas gift.  You can snap this up at in klöver


Round mirrors are super trendy at the minute and this mirror from M&S is no different.  It has a slightly rugged aesthetic with the addition of rope, which we LOVE! At only £79.00, this is definitely a keenly priced piece you want to snap up!


Interior fans adore statement vases for the pockets of visual interest they bring to an interior.  We’ve chosen this glossy, slightly textured glass vase from Harvey Norman, priced at £55.00.


Stationary and interiors addicts kinda go hand-in-hand, which is why we’ve included this very stylised Orla Kiely notebook.  It is a very Budget Friendly price of £18.75 and is available from The Designerie.

All in all, we hope you’ve been inspired by our selection of Christmas gifts! Hopefully you should be ready to hit the pavements with a renewed sense of purpose! Happy shopping!

 Looking for inspiration?  Check out our portfolio.

Top Tips For Styling Coffee Tables

Top Tips For Styling Coffee Tables

Coffee tables might not sound like rocket science, but styling a coffee table takes a little bit of thought to make sure that the items adorning it complement one another, and add visual appeal to the overall aesthetics of a room.  Which is why we’ve decided to share our top tips when styling a coffee table (or a vignette, as it is sometimes referred to).

There are a few golden rules that we like to follow, to ensure that the coffee tables in our completed design schemes are a visual delight.  We think that if you stick to these golden rules, you can’t go wrong.

Coffee Table Styling Golden Rules

Something Living

Bring the outside in, by adding organic form and texture to your display.  There’s nothing more refreshing than the sight (and scent) of fresh blooms or a leafy plant on a coffee table vignette. Flowers also help to soften a more urban, industrial look.  If you’re using a lush green houseplant, don’t forget to wipe those leaves to make ’em shine!


Adding a tray to your vignette is a fantastic way to organise smaller items, ensuring that the display doesn’t look too cluttered.  Consider a tray that has texture or a metallic finish to add more visual impact.  It’s also useful to include a round tray if a lot of the items in your vignette have straight lines (and vice versa).


Always make sure that you add height to your coffee table display to prevent it from looking too flat and one dimensional.  Books are a great way to introduce pockets of height in a vignette, as you can stack them and place objects on top!  Don’t forget to vary the individual shapes of your objects too.  Always mix things up to keep the eye interested.


Books are a great way to add pattern and colour to a coffee table.  Their covers and spines can complement a design scheme or act as a contrast, and the book itself can also help to incorporate a little bit of your personality and individuality.  As mentioned previously, they are also very effective when stacked, to add more height and therefore, visual interest.


Candles can add so much to a vignette: for example texture, aroma and atmospheric qualities.  They can be picked up at very reasonable cost from a huge variety of shops.  We definitely think every coffee table should have one (or three!).


The use of varying textures and finishes plays such an important part in any vignette.  Texture ensures that the overall display doesn’t appear flat, and encourages viewers to take a closer look.


We’ve done the hard work for you!  Check out our selection of bits ‘n’ bobs from a number of online retailers to get you started. Click the links below to take a closer look.

  1. Cream Feather Tea Light Holder, Graham & Green;
  2. Sea Coral Decoration, Nordic House;
  3. Alexander McQueen, Book Depository;
  4. Pentagon Terrarium, Graham & Green;
  5. MARS Textured Metallic Glass Vase, Habitat;
  6. Carve Tray, Amara

Our Luxury Presentation Boxes

Our Luxury Presentation Boxes

We recently uploaded a photo showcasing our luxury presentation boxes on Instagram and have received ZILLIONS of questions from our lovely followers regarding these little tactile, visual delights.

So we decided to share a few more images of these stunning, presentation boxes and explain the role these play in our client presentations.

fletcher design presentation boxes


Traditionally, Interior Designers would communicate their design proposals to clients by arranging a meeting. Mood boards and sample boards would then be presented to help assist the Interior Designer. This was useful when explaining the design rationale for the space and also to allow the client to view a selection of materials for the proposed design scheme.  The samples would be permanently affixed to the board in a visually pleasing arrangement, thereby showcasing the various textures and finishes to be incorporated in the scheme.

At Bowman Design Company, we have taken the basic principle of the traditional sample board, but have incorporated the use of bespoke boxes. The boxes have been covered in natural Irish linen, which is a perfect, neutral backdrop to any tone, colour or finish.    These presentation boxes unquestionably add a modern and luxurious touch to our client presentations.

presentation boxes fletcher design


Sometimes, depending on the design scheme, it isn’t necessary to produce static sample boards.  By using boxes, with samples and swatches loosely presented, allows our client to touch and move the materials freely.

Additionally, the client can become more familiar with the various colours, textures and finishes. This way we have a clear vision  before spending time producing a sample board of our final selections.

We layer all of the various fabrics, accessories and finishes within the box. This way we can present to the client as library of their new design scheme.  The selections can include wooden flooring, window treatments, upholstery, cushions and can also include finishes for bespoke furniture.

fletcher design presentation boxes

We have been delighted by the reaction from our clients to our bespoke presentation boxes.  Our clients have the freedom to explore the various elements of the design scheme. Therefore, the customers know direction of our design proposals before we proceed in the design process.

What do you love about our bespoke presentation boxes?  Let us know! You can contact us via our website.

City Centre Home Inspiration | Fletcher Design Northern Ireland

City Centre Home Inspiration | Fletcher Design Northern Ireland

Do you call the city centre home? Struggling with your interiors? We’ve got you covered. To kick off our very first blog post, we want it to be fun and informative. We’re going to show our lovely followers some interior design proposals for a modern pad located in the city hustle and bustle. Also, we’ll explain the rationale behind some of our selections, and we’ll even highlight a few design trends for 2017!

Let’s start with one of the most important rooms in this pad: the lounge!

This design is bang on trend with accents of rich sage green.  If you paid attention to the 2017 Pantone trend colour predictions, you’ll be very aware that green is hot, hot, hot!  We’ve combined this opulent colour with neutrals and subtle pattern to ensure that this strong hue takes centre stage.

The sofa, mid-century styled chair, curtains and cushions are all bespoke creations, made exclusively by our Templepatrick design studio, whilst the marble top side table (marble is STILL huge right now!), is available at La Redoute.

Art provides so much added visual stimulation to a space. In this instance, we decided to use art to reinforce the use of green in this interior.

This abstract piece is by the very talented Fintan Whelan.

Next up is the Master Bedroom!

There’s no doubt about it: dark hues make a statement, and we love the depth and atmospheric qualities that a dark, inky blue wall, can bring to a space.  This linen, textured wallpaper will be used on all 4 walls for added visual impact and can be picked up at Villa Nova.  We think dark hues look amazing when paired with metallics. This is why we’ve chosen this eye-catching geometric mirror in copper.

Set of three copper mirrors, available at Fawkner.

For consistency, and to complement the lounge, we have continued to include punctuations of mid-century modern pieces by using statement side tables available from Dar Lighting.

One of our favourite elements is the industrial inspired floor lamp, with a vintage edison bulb.  Its height helps to draw the eye UP, it prevents the room from looking too one dimensional and adds buckets of charm.  This can be snapped up at Gallery.

The bespoke chair in steel blue is quite simply stunning, and with custom designed wardrobes, a custom headboard and upholstered bed base (with additional storage) all designed and built by Bowman Design Company, this bedroom is the epitome of luxury.

The Second Bedroom!

For the second bedroom, we’ve taken inspiration from a New York loft style interior. With cool greys, geometric accents, a warm pop of colour acts to underpin a thoroughly contemporary vibe.

The different textures and patterns used in this interior ensures that the use of grey doesn’t dominate. This prevents the space from appearing cool and uninviting.  One of the best ways to soften a contemporary, industrial inspired design, is to introduce texture.  We love this fur throw available from Dunelm Mill.

We’ve injected a warm shot of colour in this space via cushions and art.  This is a great way to add instant eye candy to a design. Plus, in the future if you fancy a quick change, items like cushions and art can be easily replaced!

Art by Josef Alber, available from King and Magaw

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at our designs for this city centre pad.  Don’t be shy, drop a comment below and tell us which of the above designs is your favourite! Contact us via our website for more information on Fletcher Designs.